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Welcome To Viral B2B

Advertising your business is perhaps the most essential part in connecting with demand and getting things off the ground. Unfortunately, it’s also the most costly, stretching our budgets to the limits and causing the majority of start-ups to run out of funding before becoming a success story. Viral B2B is a new cost-effective business tool that is here to aid start-up companies in their quest for success. It is a part of Devoted Dragon Enterprises –known as the most ethical & transparent business around.

Advertising Costs

We want you to think about this for a minute: How much do you spend on social media to boost your posts? Have you noticed that most people on social media as soon as they see the word “advertisement” or “promoted” they ignore it and continue on? Surely you are guilty of this too at times. What if we told you there is a better way of doing this? A way that will give you far better exposure, more likes, more shares and cost a fraction of what is asked by social media?


What Is Viral B 2 B?

VB2B is a business tool designed to support new ventures in a meaningful way, possibly attracting the spite of established social media and search engine “fat cat” owners. Entrepreneurs no longer need stand for this ill-disposed mindset that when you want your business seen, you have to forgo most of your funding. Our answer to this disproportionate benefit-to-cost ratio in common advertising which produces negative rather than positive results seeing as:

1. It doesn’t really matter if you have a few thousand followers; when you do a post, only very few will have the post shown on their feed.
2. If you have already done any sort of promotion on a post, you will see that when not promoting your posts, it will only have a handful of impressions.
3. Search engines collude with social media, their policy: In order to have a good ranking, you must have a high rate of activity on your social media which will determine your place in the hierarchy of search engines, if you try anything desperate, like paid clicks or paid followers, you will soon be blacklisted and in a position much worse than before.

With this being said, we would like to provide the right businesses with a tool to help them overcome issues such as these so they have a chance to present, under fair terms, their business. This is an opportunity, particularly suitable for ethical businesses and is completely unbiased to their current rate of success or the amount of funding they’ve got. If your business fits the criteria, you will need to agree to certain terms that are not optional but binding and are put in place to ensure transparency and alignment. These criteria will favour any entrepreneur with the vision in making their business succeed and the willingness to work with all members as a family, not as rivals. Devoted Dragon Enterprises has its own vision and is on its way to changing the way businesses are promoted on the web. We invite you to get on the right side of things sooner than later and give your business the chance to be all it can be.

This scheme involves much more than just improving your social media advertising, but we are secretive in what we do as we want this to become a tool that is only available here. All that is required in order to get on the other side of this non-disclosure is becoming a member of the Devoted Dragon family. Those with a keen mind in business will be getting the feeling that this is going to be good, but what is the cost? You need to be mindful that this is part of Devoted Dragon Enterprises –one of the most ethical businesses in the world who likes to fly under the radar and pop up with outstanding value for money services (plus a vast amount of free and heavily subsidized services and products). This platform will be no different, the cost for it being symbolic at £40 per year. You could spend more than this for one post being boosted on Facebook for a week, so you tell us, is this worth passing by or taking a chance and signing up today?

Application Process

Follow The White Rabbit  

It is important that you read this carefully and follow the procedure to make sure that you are successful in becoming a member.

1. Fill out the membership form on this page. Make sure you give the information requested and be as honest as possible.

2. Click the “register” button. This will take you to Devoted Dragon Enterprises client platform. Once payment has been received, we will assess your application and will inform you of its status. If it is rejected, we will give the reason why along with a full refund.

3. Click and share this page to all your social media platforms. The more successful applicants we have, the better for you.


The website becomes live on the 18/06/2018 we will be giving you access a few days prior to make your profile page. When you apply to us, you are agreeing to not disclosing the workings, operations or any other information about what is done on the website. Seeing as this is a business-to-business platform you cannot use this for your own clients or any third party. If your business is to promote other businesses on social media, you will not be able to use this platform for that reason, however you can promote your business as a business that provides this service.

Being one of the first businesses to join VB2B earns you the advantage of having your first membership of £40 valid for a 18-month period to allow for build-up of members and time to scan any glitches in the system. You can find out more upon registering.

Devoted Dragon Enterprises does not share any of your details with anyone else.

Good Luck with applying & regardless of the outcome, we wish you every success in the future.

Please give us links to your social media platforms. Leave blank the ones that you do not have.

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